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International Cooperation

Ignalina NPP cooperates with Greifswald (Germany), Chernobyl (Ukraine), Bohunice (Slovakia) and Kozloduy (Bulgaria) nuclear power plants on the issues of decommissioning projects. In order to share the expertise in the field of decommissioning, annual meetings and seminars are organized.

IAEA  (International Atomic Energy Agency)

Lithuania has ratified all of the IAEA requirements. Periodically, nuclear material control inspections are carried out. Ignalina NPP specialists are invited to all IAEA organized meetings and seminars. Ministry of Energy and State Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate (permanent representatives) are official Lithuanian representatives in IAEA. Cooperation with the agency is planned for the whole INPP decommissioning period.

WANO  (World Association of Nuclear Operators)

Officially as an independent state organization, Ignalina NPP became a member of WANO in 1993. According to the association statute, all operational power plants and also closed power plants until the fuel is in reactor can be the members of association.

Since July 2011, modified WANO membership conditions have been implemented at Ignalina NPP – membership at the organization has been renewed for the next five years without having to pay membership fees. Also, category 3 membership has been established at the organization for all the decommissioning plants.

Cooperation with Lithuanian Authorities and Organizations

Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant cooperates with state government and supervisory authorities and with local municipalities (Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania, State Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate, Fire and Rescue Department, Radiation Protection CentreVisaginas City Municipality) on fire surveillance, civil protection, emergency preparedness issues. Preparation of instructions, regulations, plans and other related issues is coordinated with these institutions. INPP also cooperates with SE Energy Agency, SE Radioactive Waste Management Agency, Lithuanian Energy Institute.

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